Division Order

What is a Division Order (DO)?
A Division order is an instrument that records an owner’s interest in a specific well.  It should include the name of the well, the well number, interest type, and your decimal interest.

ConocoPhillips has a team that specializes in:

  • Analyzing and interpreting legal ownership
  • Analyzing and interpreting oil & gas leases
  • Establishing and maintaining legal ownership in leases
  • Authorizing payment or suspension of proceeds
  • Escheating suspended funds per various state statutes

Depending on if the owner is an individual or a corporation, we require different documents for address changes, name changes, transfers of interest, and trust or partnership changes.

New owners are always encouraged to enroll in Direct Deposit .

Address Changes

It is essential for ConocoPhillips to have your current address on file for correspondence, payments, and for state and federal regulatory forms like 1099s.

If you need to update your address, we cannot accept the changes by phone. Address changes must be returned as indicated on a completed Change of Address Form . Please allow four weeks for updates to occur.

We recommend placing a forwarding order with the United States Postal Service in case your request does not reach us before your next payment. If a check is returned to us because of an incorrect or old address, we will suspend all payments until a correct address is supplied by the owner with the Change of Address Form .

Name Changes

Individual name change due to marriage, divorce, etc. Copy of marriage certificate or divorce decree, or other court order affecting the name change, along with completed W-9 form
Company or corporation name change Certificate of name change including completed W-9 form
Company or corporation name change due to a merger Certificate of merger including completed W-9 form
Appointment of Attorney-in-Fact Copy of power of attorney

Transfer of Interest

Sale of interest
Provide a copy of the recorded deed, assignment, or other legal instrument of conveyance and any other relevant information, along with the new owner’s mailing address, and a completed W-9 form .
Transfer of interest from a deceased owner Requirements to transfer title of a deceased owner vary by state. In all cases, we will require a copy of the death certificate. If probate proceedings have been opened, please provide a copy of the admitted will and all probate documents. Please include the heirs’ mailing addresses with completed W-9 forms .
Death of a joint tenant or life estate Death certificate of joint tenant

Trust or Partnership Changes

Trust or partnership is created
Provide trust/partnership agreement and recorded document conveying the interest to a trust/partnership, address information, and completed W-9 form .
Trust or partnership is terminated Dissolution of trust/partnership and, if appropriate, recorded conveyances to beneficiary, new owner’s information, and a completed W-9 form .
Change in trustee Instrument whereby the successor trustee is appointed along with address information and a completed W-9 form .

Contact Owner Relations

Contact the ConocoPhillips Owner Relations Unit (ORU) at the phone number or e-mail address corresponding to the first letter of your last name or company name.