We are committed to respectfully engaging with local stakeholders — those who impact or may be impacted by our business — to understand their values and interests, reduce the impact of our operations and proposed projects, and contribute to economic opportunities. We seek early and frequent engagement with our stakeholders to build trust, garner respect and develop mutually beneficial relationships. Where there are opportunities to bring stakeholders together, we work with multi-stakeholder groups. For each project, we engage with our stakeholders to understand their values and interests, learn their expectations and incorporate what we learn into our business plans and actions.

In addition to people in the communities near our operations, we engage with government representatives, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, industry associations and the financial sector. We also participate in multi-stakeholder forums to gain diverse and valuable perspectives as we continuously work to improve our sustainable development programs and initiatives. Learn more about our broad range of stakeholders.

2021 Performance Highlights

  • Contributed $52.9 million in global social investments.
  • Developed and began implementation of a Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan to continue to strengthen relationships with Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Australia.
  • Solidified relationships with Indigenous Peoples in Canada through Values and Interest Assessment (VIA) Process.
We strive to make a significant difference in the communities where we live and operate.